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In response to the directive of the Philippine Department of Tourism with regard to the advent of nCoV, kindly advise on the following inquiries:

1. Have you recently (14 days) travelled to Mainland China, Hong Kong, Macau or a country or place on the WHO list with local transmission or outbreak of 2019-nCoV?

2. Have you had recent contact with a confirmed or a suspected case of 2019-nCoV? and

3. Do you have such symptoms as fever greater than 38 degrees Celsius and flu like symptoms such as cough, difficulty of breathing or shortness of breath?

If you reply YES to any of these inquiries, we highly advise that you will be referred to nearest local health worker or government hospital for nCoV medical protocol.

For reference, please see link of Philippine Department of Tourism Guidelines and Statement on the Directive of President Duterte to contain nCoV.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Source: NCov Guidelines



Luljetta’s Gardens Suites (LGS) has the following policies in place to ensure a safe and pleasant stay of all guests. Guests are advised to read the policies carefully.

1. No Smoking

LGS is a smoke-free property. Smoking is strictly prohibited in LGS premises. There are designated smoking areas outside the LGS premises. Guests who violate the no smoking policy shall will pay a fine of Php2,000.00 for the first violation, and will be asked to immediately leave the property with no refund for a second violation.

2. Use of Guestrooms and Amenities

Guestrooms shall not be used for any purpose other than accommodation without the prior written consent of LGS. Guests must not rearrange guestroom furniture and fixture. Towels, clothes and other items must not be hanged on windows or outside the guestroom. Only registered guests are allowed access to the guest rooms and amenities without additional fee.

3. Quiet Hours

10PM to 7AM are designated quiet hours. Voices, televisions, instruments and gadgets must be kept at respectful low volume during said hours. Doors should be opened and closed quietly. Guests should not gather or run in hallways.

4. Outside Food and Beverage

Outside Food and Beverage

5. No Cooking

Guests are not allowed to use cooking and heating appliances or tools in LGS premises. Any cooking or heating appliances/tools found in LGS premises shall be confiscated permanently.

6. Children

Up to two children aged 3 years old and under to stay for free when sharing a room with at least 2 adult registered guests. Parents or guardian must accompany children at all times while in LGS premises.

7. Pet Policy

Only one dog or cat weighing thirty pounds or less can be accommodated in each guestroom upon payment of a non-refundable pet fee of Php1,500.00 per night; the fee shall not be imposed on assistance dogs. LGS reserves the right to deny entry to a pet or remove pet from the property if it determines in its sole discretion that the pet poses health risks or encroaches upon the right of other guests to a peaceful stay. Detailed pet policies are written in the Undertaking to be signed by the guest before check in.

8. Valuables

Guests may deposit their valuables (money, jewellery, watch, etc.) with the Front Office for safekeeping. LGS will not be liable for lost, misplaced or stolen valuables not deposited with the Front Office for safekeeping.

9. Breakfast

The breakfast provided by LGS shall be consumed at the designated areas. No discounts or refund will be available if guests do not avail of the breakfast included in the reservation.

10. Damage to Property

Guests shall be liable for the damages caused to mattresses, linens, towels and any property of LGS. Special cleaning, repair or replacement fee, as applicable, shall be charged for each damaged item.

11. Refusal of Service or Eviction

LGS will refuse service or remove a person who refuses or fails to pay for accommodations and services; who is under the influence of prohibited drugs and alcohol; who acts in a disorderly fashion as to disturb the peace of the other guests; disrespects LGS employees; who uses the property for unlawful purpose; who brings in firearms and deadly weapons; who destroys, damages or threatens harm to LGS property, owners, officers, employees and guests; and who refuses to abide by any of the policies stated herein.

12. Found Items

LGS is not responsible for any item left behind by guests. Nonetheless, items left behind by the guests and found by LGS Housekeeping shall be collected and kept in a secure location, but will be disposed after 7 days if not collected by the owner. Reasonable effort will be made to notify concerned guests that an item has been found. Perishable items, underwear and miscellaneous toiletries left behind will be immediately discarded.

13. Check In

Check-in time is 2PM. Guests are required to present valid form of identification and to make a full payment for their entire stay before check-in. For online reservations, accommodations charges must be paid before reservation can be confirmed. Other charges and fines, if any, may be paid before check-out. Guests are guaranteed use of the guestroom only for the date or period paid for. Guests who want to extend their stay must notify the Front desk and pay for accommodation charges not later than 10AM of the date of initial check-out schedule.

14. Late Arrival

Guests who arrive later than 2PM will not be entitled to any discounts. Guests who, without any prior notice to LGS, do not arrive before 9PM, will be considered a no show and shall not be entitled to any refund for their reservation. LGS will have the right to offer the guestroom to other guests.

15. Early Departure

Guests who depart earlier than scheduled will be charged the full room rate for all nights reserved and will not be entitled to any discount or refund.

16. Check Out

Check-out time is 12 noon. To facilitate check out procedure, guests must ensure that all personal belongings have been removed from the guestroom and should return keys to the Front Office. Guests shall pay a Php500.00 fee for each key lost. Guests who refuse or fail to check-out and leave the guestroom by 2pm shall be charged 50% of accommodation charge. Guests who continue to occupy the guestroom after 8PM shall pay for the accommodation charge in full.

17. Cancellation

Guests who cancel their reservations 15 days prior to arrival shall incur 10% cancellation charges, for 7 days prior to check-in schedule shall incur 20% cancellation charges. If cancellation is made 4 to 6 days prior to check-in schedule, guests shall incur cancellation charges equivalent to 50% of the reservation fee. If cancellation is made within 3 days from check-in schedule, the reservation fee paid shall be forfeited in full.

For queries, concerns and recommendations in connection with LGS policies, please call

+632 534-2517, +632 6333494, +632 6333494

Email: [email protected]